Contempo Collection is inspired by clean lines, minimalism and advanced design. The collection is hand-crafted from a lightweight composite of surgical steel and titanium that retains incredible durability and structure, while remaining feather light against your face.


Developed in Europe

Lens Design

Adjustable temples

Developed in our European studios, each pair of glasses contains just enough metal to hold the lenses, leaving the rest of the frame airy and exposed. The lenses are as much a part of the design as the frames holding them in place, allowing something that’s often an afterthought to share center stage. Combining form and function, each pair of frames includes our patented screwless hinge, adjustable temples and hand-polished finish.  

Just enought metal to hold the lenses, which are so much a part of the design as the frame.

Style 3709

Style 3708

Style 3714

Style 3713

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