OVVO Optics 14KT Limited Edition Gold Collection


14kt Gold Plated Edition

The technical precision of European manufacturing and the luxury of pure gold combine to create a frame that offers the wearer an exquisite piece of handmade eyewear. A sweep of color along the browline adds a striking, stylish finish.

OVVO Optics, Gold & Hue
OVVO Optics, Gold & Hue

Each pair of glasses in this collection is produced in Europe and crafted from the finest materials, including genuine 14kt gold. OVVO’s meticulous assembly process utilizes a single vacuum chamber that “vaporizes” pure gold into fine particles, that are then delicately cast onto the frame. The process results in a beautiful gold plating that is virtually flawless, elegant, and resilient to fading over time.

STYLE 3752

STYLE 3753

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