When we set out to create the most durable, lightweight frames on earth, we began to search for a metal material able to perform to the OVVO standards. And when we could not find it, we forged our own. The result is a feat of engineering ingenuity. This combination translates to comfort that endures the rigorous challenge of everyday life with style and grace.
Finally, fashion meets function.


The OVVO Surgical Steel & Titanium Collection implements patented technology that defies the limits of design and performance. Each frame is constructed from military grade surgical steel and titanium composite consisting of 70% steel and 30% titanium.
This hypoallergenic metal first discovered in spacecraft development offers remarkable durability, lightness, flex memory, and heat resistance.


Our patented screwless hinges are simple by design, reliable and durable. These hinges can withstand 90 pounds of pulling force and are lab tested to withstand 300,000 rotations – comparable to 205 years of usage.
All in a frame weighing 0.6 of an ounce.

Functional Design

3-D adjustable nosepads feature replaceable silicon pads and adjustable temple tips with regulated tension adjustment for customizable comfort.
Simply put, we were obsessed over every potential weakness until there were none.


We utilized innovative Diamond-Like Carbon nanotechnology to bring the characteristics of diamonds to eyewear.

DLC is lab-synthesized by decomposing hydrocarbon gases to stack individual atoms in carbon film that is thinner thatn paper, harder than diamond, and strongner than steel. The film consists of random alternations between cubic and hexagonal lattices, leaving no irregularities or fracture planes prone to weakness.

By coating our high-performance Surgial Steel & Titanium alloy frames with DLC, we’ve discovered an entirely new realm of possibilites in streght, lightness, scratsch-resistance, and durability.


OVVO proudly presents one of the lightest, thinnest wood frames in the world. Consisting of
2 layers of wood and 9 layers of carbon fiber, this collection merges the natural
and the technical unlike ever before. Each piece is made unique by the handsome textures and tones provided by exotic woods sustainably harvested from European Union controlled sources around the world.
Our Wood and Carbon Fiber fronts are supported by surgical steel
and a titanium composite temple, bringing 4 high performance materials into one frame
(carbon fiber, exotic wood, military grade surgical steel, and titanium).


Combining Mazzucchelli acetate with surgical steel and titanium temples,
we brought our trademark durability
to a sophisticated frame.
The DUO collection delivers light,
comfortable, lasting wearability
in a daring aesthetic.

Our acetate frames are supported by fully adjustable surgical steel and titanium temples. These metal composite temples reduce weight and improve flexibility, making these frames much lighter and stronger than traditional offerings. These mixed materials deliver the best of both worlds in a frame
both rugged and refined.

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